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A Purposeless Grad?

Graduating from college seemed to rob me of purpose. In December 2012 I officially graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago (much to many of my guest’s surprise who strangely think that because of my degree from Moody I should

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The Society of Sufferers

“They stood there, naked, ashamed, holding the fruit, unbelief polluting their souls, the very bowels shaped by the Beloved digesting the forbidden, Adam and Eve experienced sin. Our first parents suffered greatly, for they knew the weight of the garden

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The Greater Story: Act of Valor

I am a sucker for war movies, especially movies that highlight the honor in sacrifice and the heroism of those who fight for our country. Act of Valor was one of those movies. Granted, it is essentially one long commercial for

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A Meaty Christmas?

Incarnation. In=in.  Carne=meat/flesh.

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Valentine’s Day: Shadow of the Gospel

Many single individuals look on Valentine’s day with contempt, calling it “singles awareness day” or “male extortion day.”  Basically, Valentine’s day is looked on with contempt by those who wish to have a girlfriend/boyfriend.  However for those in relationships, Valentine’s

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Gospel Obsession

I am obsessed with this.  I am obsessed with seeing it.  I am obsessed with living in it.  I am obsessed with seeing this work.  I have an obsession. What is my obsession?  

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Cavities and Graveyards

“Am I going to need Novocaine?” He chuckled to himself, “Yup, were going to numb the area before we drill.” “I have to tell you something, well it is more of a confession, I am terrified of needles…I hate them.” “That’s

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I am fighting to believe.
My fight is the fight to believe. I also fight to rest and have joy in my God.