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The Greater Story: Act of Valor

I am a sucker for war movies, especially movies that highlight the honor in sacrifice and the heroism of those who fight for our country. Act of Valor was one of those movies. Granted, it is essentially one long commercial for

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The Candy Shop

This is a stirring 30 minute allegory on sex trafficking/pornography.  This is well worth your time.   It is a pretty good film, huh? What lines stood out to you?  Write them down.

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The Tenacity of Lies and Freedom in the Gospel

From the time I woke up today it has been simply a rough day. It is not even that my circumstances were terrible. I have a roof over my head, a meal in the SDR (Moody’s student dining room), I

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As many of you know, I am hanging out in Tacoma Washington this summer (many of you faithfully gave for me to come out here) to intern with Soma.  So I get to see much rain (it is actually raining

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So You’re Going to Camp? Part 3: The Campers

This is part three, of three, of an open letter to all going to camp/those serving in a ministry this summer.  In the first post we covered the heart.  Essentially how important it is that you’re motivated by the Gospel,

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Gospel in a Funeral

“You know what is weird, Christopher, seeing both ends of my sister’s marriage…” My dad squinted as he thought of the pain his sister is going through. “The whole family now needs to re-learn what ‘normal’ is.” My cousins left

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Valentine’s Day: Shadow of the Gospel

Many single individuals look on Valentine’s day with contempt, calling it “singles awareness day” or “male extortion day.”  Basically, Valentine’s day is looked on with contempt by those who wish to have a girlfriend/boyfriend.  However for those in relationships, Valentine’s

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I am fighting to believe.
My fight is the fight to believe. I also fight to rest and have joy in my God.