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Ch-ch–ch-changes!: I’ve Moved.

After I graduated Moody, I noticed that my need for someone to remind me of the gospel did not decrease but INCREASED dramatically! I found myself needing consistent reminders of who I am in Christ, God’s persistent pursuit of me,

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Jesus may have lied when He told me to rest.

Jesus is a liar! I can distinctly recall sitting at my desk during my Freshman year at IWU and while reading Matthew 11, I said to myself “Jesus clearly has no idea what the burden of life is like. His

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Lament for a Friend

Nicholas Wolterstorff, a prominent Christian philosopher, and his wife Claire lost their son (Eric) due to a mountain climbing accident. This devastated them. The journal that Wolterstorff kept while he sat (sits) on the “mourner’s bench” has been turned into

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The Poem Heard ‘Round the World

This makes me not want to be “famous.” If you have not been paying attention to facebook, twitter, and blog posts, there has been a video going viral (7.7 million hits) about how Jesus is greater than religion. Seattle resident

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Review: Jesus Plus Nothing Equals Everything by Tullian Tchividjian

If you can read this book and it does not lead you to repentance, then you have not actually read it.  Tullian from the outset is transparently honest.  He begins his book by drawing the reader into his own story

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A Meaty Christmas?

Incarnation. In=in.  Carne=meat/flesh.

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The Candy Shop

This is a stirring 30 minute allegory on sex trafficking/pornography.  This is well worth your time.   It is a pretty good film, huh? What lines stood out to you?  Write them down.

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I am fighting to believe.
My fight is the fight to believe. I also fight to rest and have joy in my God.