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Ch-ch–ch-changes!: I’ve Moved.

After I graduated Moody, I noticed that my need for someone to remind me of the gospel did not decrease but INCREASED dramatically! I found myself needing consistent reminders of who I am in Christ, God’s persistent pursuit of me,

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Open letter to Summer Staff 2013

(I wrote this after I got off a 13-14 hour shift and late at night, please forgive the typos.) Before we get into it, let me set the backdrop. I served on summer staff for 5 years: two on day

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Jesus may have lied when He told me to rest.

Jesus is a liar! I can distinctly recall sitting at my desk during my Freshman year at IWU and while reading Matthew 11, I said to myself “Jesus clearly has no idea what the burden of life is like. His

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A Purposeless Grad?

Graduating from college seemed to rob me of purpose. In December 2012 I officially graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago (much to many of my guest’s surprise who strangely think that because of my degree from Moody I should

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Lament for a Friend

Nicholas Wolterstorff, a prominent Christian philosopher, and his wife Claire lost their son (Eric) due to a mountain climbing accident. This devastated them. The journal that Wolterstorff kept while he sat (sits) on the “mourner’s bench” has been turned into

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July 2012: A-Team

It has been FOREVER since I last posted. With the end of the semester (I only have one more left) compounded with summer plans, the time escaped me.  But today, on my day off, it seems prudent to post about

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The Society of Sufferers

“They stood there, naked, ashamed, holding the fruit, unbelief polluting their souls, the very bowels shaped by the Beloved digesting the forbidden, Adam and Eve experienced sin. Our first parents suffered greatly, for they knew the weight of the garden

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I am fighting to believe.
My fight is the fight to believe. I also fight to rest and have joy in my God.