A little about me:  I am a Moody grad. I have a degree in Biblical Languages.  To be honest the plural -ages- does not truly do justice, in that it does too much. I only know one…

As I have been called to witness and testify to the glory and majesty of Jesus Christ, this is simply an extension of such witness. My goal here (in this blog) is to stir affection for the soul: the soul’s affection pointed rightly and stirred for the risen and triumphant Christ. I understand that 1) I am not a writer, 2) words cannot do justice and, 3) I have been joined with Christ.

Also please do not take this as a Bible college student’s plea for someone to listen to my words.  I will never claim to be profound.  Nor will I claim to be a sage or an expert on any topic because quite honestly, I am too young to think that I have mastered anything.  I will only claim to be honest and try with all my might to point towards Christ and bring the Gospel to the center of our vision.

If you have any questions, would like to chat, would like me to speak at an event please do not hesitate to contact me.

–Chris Lash


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I am fighting to believe.
My fight is the fight to believe. I also fight to rest and have joy in my God.
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