July 2012: A-Team

It has been FOREVER since I last posted. With the end of the semester (I only have one more left) compounded with summer plans, the time escaped me.  But today, on my day off, it seems prudent to post about my summer and give some specific things for which you could be praying.

Well, this summer I find myself back at camp. I wholly intended on NOT going back but my current boss (Desiree Bakken) was relentless in pursuing me for the Alpha Male Assistant Program Director position. Seriously, I tease her about it now, she had a one track mind, get Chris for this position.  
I intended on working landscaping or something (I find that after a difficult semester, I NEED to work with my hands) instead of doing the high school program at Covenant Harbor. Dez showed me that through the Alpha program I could get  the best of both worlds: I get to herald the gospel AND work some landscaping/maintenance work projects.

For those of you not familiar the Alpha program is for highschoolers who desire to see what it is like to be on staff.  They come for two weeks, yes they stay over the weekend, and work. We work them pretty hard. Mornings consist of maintenance or other random projects and the afternoons are free time rotations.  So yeah, they work pretty hard. Nights are when we really get to have some fun.  We plan some crazy awesome games for our 17 kids. My motto for Alpha is: work hard play harder.
My position is the male counselor. So I get to counsel the high school guys.  It’s great. I love it. It can be an absolute pain sometimes but in the end it is absolutely worth it.

Probably the coolest thing about Alpha this summer is that we are going through the Story of God (technically called the Story Formed Way). I took it from my internship at Soma Communities last summer. (This summer is showing me how much last summer impacted me–I am incredibly grateful for Soma and the Immerse internship.)

Teaching through the Story has been fantastic! It has been my experience that those who have grown up going to church (pastor’s kids, elder’s kids, ect) of grown up at camp have heard the “call night” message 100’s of times and therefore think the gospel is no longer for them.  They lack true affection for Jesus Christ because He is routine and church is someplace you go.  Through the Story a lot of those misconceptions are broken down and the students (let alone myself!) come face to face with the God of the Bible.  I am seeing them truly get to know the God who pursues sinners and calls the religious to repentance. God has been incredibly faithful to show the churched kids that Jesus is different than they may have thought AND He shows the unchurched kids that He is far more gracious and lovely than they ever dreamed.

I have loved getting to teach these kids.

In addition to team teaching the story with Dez and Tristin (Tristin is the female counselor/Assistant Program Director) I have gotten to teach the “call night” message for the older middle school program. THAT was fantastic. All I do is herald the gospel and God truly gives campers the person of Jesus. It is an honor.

In short. I am thankful that God (in a very ordinary way) drew me back. I enjoy my job and the people with whom I work.

Therefore, please pray that the high schoolers would get to know Jesus through the Story. Pray that I would be faithful in proclaiming the gospel. Pray for our Alpha Program Director team (unity, common vision and goals, and that we would be friends not just co-workers). Pray and thank God for the work that He is doing here. Thank Him that this program is not getting wrapped up in camp silliness and futility but its aim is the gospel and giving these kids Jesus.

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