The Society of Sufferers

“They stood there, naked, ashamed, holding the fruit, unbelief polluting their souls, the very bowels shaped by the Beloved digesting the forbidden, Adam and Eve experienced sin. Our first parents suffered greatly, for they knew the weight of the garden lost.1 But with that, suffering was introduced into the human existence. No longer would life be characterized by delightful conversations with the Divine. The great commonality of all mankind shifted from a vibrant relationship with the Creator to death, pain, toil, and suffering. The society of sufferers asks for no dues, no pledges, its membership include all who have a heartbeat.

This society is not reserved for only faithless unbelievers. The underlying assumption is that hating and cursing God results in suffering while remaining faithful to Yahweh results in incredible flourishing. However, Scripture does not attest to that. Scripture flies in the face of prosperity theology and declares that world-shattering suffering occurs to the faithless and faithful alike. Traditionally, this question has been framed, why do the righteous suffer?2 In the pages that follow, we shall trace the suffering of the righteous through Job, Psalm 73, John the Baptizer, Jesus, and then examine the end of suffering.”

Read the rest of my suffering paper here:  The Society of Sufferers

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I am fighting to believe.
My fight is the fight to believe. I also fight to rest and have joy in my God.
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