Sexual Abuse

I recently read an article by a professor at Moody Bible Institute, Dr. Schmutzer.  He wrote it in 2008 to be a voice for the “shrieking silent.”

It is specifically aimed at the non-abused. He states that his goal is to educate Christian ministers by bringing sexual abuse out of its hidden dark corners into the light.  So often this issue of sexual abuse goes unnoticed in the church.  So much so that Schmutzer says they are leaving the church, “When the church does not plan for this dissonance, it could be ignoring a terrifying reality for up to 20% of its congregation–if they are still there.”

I have not been abused. God was very gracious to me to give me a mother and father who protected me from such horrendous evils. So this topic is not one that I fully understand but one that provokes me like few others.

My meager ignorant writing does not do this article or topic justice so I will simply say this: if you are a Christian you honestly must read this article.  It is roughly 23 pages long but it is well worth carving out a lot of time to slowly work through.

Dr. Schmutzer’s A Theology of Sexual Abuse: A reflection on Creation and Devastation.

Here is also an intense spoken word about the story of a woman’s sexual abuse.  More than worth your time.

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