A Meaty Christmas?

In=in.  Carne=meat/flesh.

The incarnation (the condescension of the second person of the Trinity into a human body/Christ taking on human flesh and now forever changed and known as the God-man) is the single most important event in human history.

So why is it that this season is all about the “baby Jesus” and continually lacks substance.  Why does all this talk of the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the angels, shepherds, wise men, the robes, sandals, and names of foreign cities not stir us?

Year after year we fight to get into nice clothes to go to church on Christmas eve or Christmas day only because we know the right thing to do is to go see God on “His birthday.” After all it only seems right to do something good like that.  As we listen to sermons that we have heard a thousand times about things that seem so distant, we cannot help but stifle a yawn (I can’t even spell the word y-a-w-n without yawning. I think I have a problem).  Yeah that happened a long time ago but this honestly does not pertain to me.

What if we have missed the whole point.

That in the midst of all the gifts, ugly sweaters, trite sayings, “good cheer,” family meetings, and Christmas parties we have actually robbed all meaning from this holiday.  Why? Because we have forgotten the point: God dwelling with His creation!

This is incredible news! This should elicit so much more than a ridiculous yawn (seriously that yawn thing happened again).  The reality of the incarnation of Jesus Christ should give us much assurance regarding regarding God’s pursuit, His grace, His hatred of sin, and His identification with our suffering.

And how can we with good consciences speak of the incarnation without speaking of the gruesome slaughter of the God-man on the cross? And then how can there be any good news without talk of His resurrection?

This Christmas make the point the incarnation.  Continually seek to drive this thing towards God dwelling in, with, among His creation.  Talk about the emptiness people feel amidst this “cheery” time and how God entered into human suffering to because He cares more than we ever realize. Talk about how baby jesus came to earth to go to the cross.  Talk about how Jesus is greater than Santa (one makes you morally earn presents and the other knows you never will and He gives His gifts anyways). Talk about THE true human: Jesus.  Talk about how Jesus changes our affections.  Talk about the wrath He bore. Talk about the resurrection.  Talk about JESUS!

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2 comments on “A Meaty Christmas?
  1. Derek Hiebert says:

    Lash – great message here, brother. Thanks for your writing. Indeed, Christmas IS the incarnation of God in Christ. Amazing news! Too good to be true. The Gospel of Christmas is the difference between receiving gift-wrapped presents and receiving God’s flesh-wrapped presence. The former is temporal and the joy lasts only a week, maybe two. The latter is eternal and the joy is forever.

    • Chris Lash says:

      Derek. Thank you for reading!
      I keep seeing myself succumb to the lie that this Christmas season is all about what I can consume and what is in it for me. When really this is all about Christ and His glory and HIStory.

      Thanks Derek!

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