The Candy Shop

This is a stirring 30 minute allegory on sex trafficking/pornography.  This is well worth your time.


It is a pretty good film, huh?

What lines stood out to you?  Write them down.

I first saw this on my floor during a floor event.  One Tuesday, a bunch of guys crammed into one room and watched this.  After the movie ended, crickets. No one spoke.  No  one even coughed.

Why?  Was it because this movie was incredibly powerful?

Maybe.  But not necessarily.

No one spoke because while this allegory was intended to be applied to sex trafficking, we all could easily find the parallels to pornography.
The incredible irony of it all?  There was a Girls Gone Wild party bus van parked outside of Moody.

Right there was an example of the candy shop owner.  Objectifying women.  Treating them like candy.  And then I immediately thought of all the patrons looking for newer models and candy that was more fresh.

And before we write this off as a female problem know that now more and more women are addicted to pornography.  Statistically 2 in 5 women (usually silently) struggle with habitual pornography and  1 in every 3 pornography webpage views are women (Permission to Speak Freely). This is not only a male issue.

So who are you in the film?  The boy?  The girls? The candy shop owner?  The mom who found her daughter again?  I would submit to you that most of us are the food stand owner.  Remember him?
He did not act, did not encourage someone else to act, he did nothing.  He was not the hero of the story.  He was just as guilty as the rest of the men who actively participated.

Okay Chris, this is another fear mongering speech and a battle cry to end pornography.  No.  That is not my intention.  My intention is to show you that you are not the hero, this is a huge problem, and this cannot be adequately addressed outside of the gospel.

Because it would be really easy to leave the Gospel out of this.  It would be quite simple to say see how gross porn is, okay now just stop it.  Because while that is true we do need to stop, it does not cause lasting change and definitely does not give birth to new desires.

So I raised my hand after about 30 minutes of discussion.  “Guys.  Were talking about this all backwards.  Yes this is a problem.  Yes it needs to be addressed.  But we have entirely left out Jesus and the gospel.”
My fear was that we were addressing the problem without presenting the solution as the gospel.  We thought that seeing the devastation of this confectionary would give way to the new desires.  It never does. (If it did then you would do more than just throw money at those commercials on TV that show starving children in Africa.  You would get involved.)

Because Jesus is the hero.  He is the better paper boy.  Not only does he defeat the Candy Shop owner but He gave His life so that He may heal the broken.  He enters into our pain, struggles, and intense hurts to show the glory of God in reconciliation and rebirth.  He does not sit idly by and watch, like we do as the produce store owner, but rolls up His sleeves and enters into the situation.  He enters in to our darkness.  He heals. Serves.  Restores.
This is profound.

So then as guys are talking about pornography, how does the gospel address that?  The gospel says that as Christians, they have been nailed to that cross.  Because God’s righteousness had to be vindicated they were killed.  The best news is that they were killed with Jesus that day.  They’re dead. But made alive by the Spirit.  Since we are made alive “in Christ” (I challenge you to do a study on Ephesians 1 and see all the implications of you being “in Christ”) this means that all of our sins were forgiven and we are seen as righteous.  So as a guy begins that process of looking at porn and objectifying women he should say to himself praise God that this horrific sin was forgiven at the cross and God sees me as righteous!

“Well saying that while I looked at porn would make me a hypocrite.”
“Yup,” I responded, “at least you would be honest with your hypocrisy.  You being able to say that and persist in sin betrays that you dont understand the grace found in the gospel.”

Let us seek to believe the gospel more and beg God for new desires.

Who are you in the story? How does seeing Jesus as the hero influence the way you see this video? What are other ways the gospel encounters the problem of pornography and sex trafficking?

What are ways you tend to default to moralism versus seeking new desires?

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