“Back to you Julie…”

“Thanks Julie, this is Greg McGarr reporting live from what sounds like a warzone. Tens of young teenagers financed by a yuppie have bought a ton of fireworks to celebrate the fourth.  Armed with lighters and an unsatiable desire to hear things go BOOM, these young people are determined to have the loudest 4th in America. Mothers and young daughters have actually stuffed cotton in their ears to dull the noise while those older individuals have taken shelter behind vehicles.

I have never sen anything like it.  The older yuppies just keep bringing the fireworks! Yup, Julie, the older folks have brought the good stuff.  They keep bringing the explosives that makes crazy colors. The good news is that these teenagers are invincible and the yuppies are wealthy so nothing could go wrong. Even putting the fireworks table near the uncontrolled fireworks themselves is no problem for these guys!  This is Greg McGarr back to you in the studio.”

Thats my reporter name: Greg McGarr. It has a nice ring to it, its Irish, win all around.

Anyways, that was my fourth of July.  It was actually pretty cool. I got to hang out with my host family, the Hieberts.  Like I have said in a previous post, they are fantastic and incredibly gracious to me.

They’re so gracious in fact that they let the interns go to their family cabin for the weekend.  This was a legit cabin: no running water, next to a river, all wood, in the mountains, outhouse. For guys, at least, you really can’t beat having to pee in the woods because you  cannot find the outhouse.

One of the biggest benefits of the trip was being able to set the tone and pace for the second half of the internship.  As a group of interns, after hiking all day, we sat down and discussed some of the plans for the next four weeks. 

By far THE biggest benefit was the silence and solitude time.  We were given two and a half hours to do whatever we wanted. So I hiked to a spot on the side of a mountain overlooking the valley below and talked with the Father while enjoying creation.  God met me in that place.

Needless to say, my time here at Soma has been phenomenal. I have been learning so much and dwelling on the Gospel more and more.  The Spirit has been convicting me of sin and continually showing me that ALL the work has been done on my behalf. My acceptance is guaranteed by His death and resurrection. I am constantly in need of the Gospel being preached to me.

Onto prayer requests.

Part of the internship is that us interns plan the high school week.  In a wek we have a group of high schoolers coming to Soma for a summer camp like experience. We have been given the task of planning and running the whole week.  From meals to service projects to the teaching times to transportation to entertainment, we are doing it all. The main chunk of time to plan and get the details ironed out is tomorrow (July 5).  There will be arguments (what do you expect when you get a group of 12 leaders in a room) and people will butt heads. So please pray for unity and that we keep first things first.  The main priority is to facilitate an atmosphere where these kids can learn more about and grow in the Gospel.

Next I woul dask for prayer for my own heart. I only have about a month left so pray that I can soak up as much as possible and that I would love and know Jesus more at the end of all of this. This internship is remarkable.  Thank you for reading and praying.

This is Greg McGarr signing off.

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