Valentine’s Day: Shadow of the Gospel

Many single individuals look on Valentine’s day with contempt, calling it “singles awareness day” or “male extortion day.”  Basically, Valentine’s day is looked on with contempt by those who wish to have a girlfriend/boyfriend.  However for those in relationships, Valentine’s day is a day for celebration.  It is a day for the man to romance the woman, to make at least one day dedicated to celebrating the woman in his life.

Thinking beyond the mythical cupid who shoots people in the butt with a “love arrow” (by the way what is romantic about that?), and as I see many of my friends scrambling around trying to get flowers and chocolates for their interest, girlfriend, fiancé, or wife my thoughts are stirred deeper still.

Valentine’s day reminds me that while today may mean a chocolate overdose and many a flower given, Jesus is to stay uppermost in my affections (single or not).  While men may have serious love stirred towards a woman, it is imperative to remember that Jesus holds the place of ultimate love.

Why is this so?  Because not only does Jesus give us the ultimate picture of love, in that, He gave His life up for His bride (the Church) but He also completely fulfills our love.

For should I love a woman more than Jesus, if I kept her in the uppermost of my affections, I would be looking for her to satisfy a longing in my heart that she could never actually fill.  Should I look to her to satisfy I, in effect, would be sucking the relationship for all it can give me.  Selfishly, I would pursue.  However, in loving Christ more He deals with my selfishness and ultimately fulfills that which no person or thing could fulfill.

The outworking of this is that I love Jesus more than any woman that could step into my life.  I love Jesus more than my family and friends.  In actuality, this does not diminish my love for those people and the love I will have for my future wife (God willing) but deepens it.  Loving Jesus will enable me to sacrificially and unselfishly die to myself every day to rightly and truly love a woman.  (Dont get me wrong, this is by no means easy.)

Back to V-day.  Is it about simply love?  No.  Valentine’s day is so much greater than that.  It is a shadow of the Gospel that while we did not deserve it, Christ relentlessly pursues us.  While we whore around with our idols, Christ pursued/s all the more.  It’s more than chocolate, more than flowers, more than those silly teddy bears.  The way a man romances a woman is a picture of how Christ relentlessly romances us.

So men, today pursue your woman.  Romance her.  Surprise her.  Remember that overall Valentine’s day is a picture of Christ’s love for you and loving Jesus more will enable you to love your woman well.

To all single men and women who pessimistically view V-Day, dwell on the true love Christ showed for us.  Press into Him.

To give me tips for a future V-Day, what is the most romantic thing done by or for you?  🙂

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3 comments on “Valentine’s Day: Shadow of the Gospel
  1. Derek Hiebert says:

    Chris, great thoughts on the infamous V-day, bro. I agree with it all. Another contemptuous cliche could be ‘Natl. Hallmark Day’. Anyway, good inspiration and encouragement to me as a happily married man of eight years to my beautiful bride. I can’t remember a unique Valentine’s Day gift or sentiment. My wife and I usually express our love to reach other in words and such over a nice meal. However, tonight I’m hoping to cover areas of our house with a bunch of red and pink balloons – this will be fun both for us and our girls.

    Lastly, bro, if you haven’t read some of the traditional stories and lore on St. Valentine, you should google it. They seem to point to strong Christian/gospel roots.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Yo, I once texted my girlfriend and said “Look outside your door.” there were “crush cans” out there for her. 10 minutes later I texted her again. “look outside your door again!” I was there with a bouquet of flowers I picked out and a card with a poem I wrote about her.


  3. Jenna Pirrie says:

    I’m at a place in life where being single really seems to be what’s best for me, and what’s more, I’ve accepted that. It makes loving Valentines day for what it is that much easier. I’ve been hearing jokingly bitter – and truly bitter – comments all day, and they interchangeably make me laugh or make me sad. Laughter at how silly people get over one day just because they can’t celebrate it like couples, but sad when I hear someone who hasn’t learned how to be happy alone, hasn’t learned that they can be fulfilled just by themselves and God and friends for the time being.
    Additionally, at some point today I realized I was truly grateful to be single because I was far too busy to be otherwise!

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