September 2010 Newsletter

Its been a while since I last posted.  Here is the September 2010 Newsletter.

I started school up again and it is crazy. Greek class (I think is my new wife as she demands much of my time and energy) is kicking my butt. I never have been very good at languages in the first place so to take a really intense language class that focuses on the technicalities is a bit of a stretch.  I have concluded that I have a love hate relationship with Greek class.  Much like how I hate to go to the gym and workout, I love it afterward.  I hate doing the Greek lessons cause I don’t understand them, but when I can translate (somewhat intelligible) sentences it is the coolest thing.

My Moody experience has not been limited to only class.  Recently my roommate and I got a radio spot on Moody Campus Radio.  At first I was reticent to sign up to do the show but it turns out radio is really fun.  We had our second show last Monday and we were able just to mess around in the studio.  It is a general talkshow/music hybrid where we have guests and play Hip Hop by Christian artists. We have a lot of fun and we hope that our listeners have fun listening.  I have learned so much from even the two times hosting the show!  Our show is called the D312 Show (Dryer 312 is our dorm room number) and is broadcast on Mondays from 8-10 on Click on listen live and it should work.

I thank those of you who have been praying for me and were praying as I went throughout the summer. Having a team of individuals who are committed to pray for me is extremely humbling and I am very thankful for it.  Some of these things that God gifts me with is remarkable.

Pray please for:

1)  My studies.  My classes are tough.  Please pray that God would allow me to soak up the information quicker and that my mind would be used to glorify Him.  Scripture says to ‘love God with all of your…mind” and that is what I see myself doing here at Moody.  Please pray that I stay focused and press on towards the goal of graduating while relishing this unique time in my life.

2)  For my plans.  Already I am trying to make my summer plans.  I start now because if i put it off, then most likely my summer will fall through. The planning process begins now.  Pray that God would show me what He thinks is best.  I dont expect God to write on the wall for me but a little direction would be nice.  Currently, there is a possibility for me to head to Seattle to join a church planter and see the inns and outs of ministry in a different context.  It sounds like a great summer but the problem is the finances.  I will not be able to work but still have to have $2,000 for Moody by the end of the summer.  Please pray that God will guide me as I discern the wisest course of action. Pray for my summer plans.

3) Lastly, this is actually the most pressing prayer concern (it may not seem like it to you) but please pray for my heart.  I know it sounds cheesy but it is really easy for my heart to become calloused amidst all of the ministry talk.  Not only that but a devotional time is hard to come by here.  I have simply not been diligent enough to finish my studies or get up early to spend much needed time with my savior. As a result, I notice my heart callousing and my heart stirred less and less for Christ.  Pray that God would speak to me, move in me, change me.

So please pray that I would not be content with my current spiritual trajectory.  Beg God that he would stir my affections for Him.  That my life would actually revolve around Him.

Quick tangent: it blows my mind that I am naturally a God hater but He decided to save me regardless.  Scripture says that he “foreknew” me.  That means that before the time began, He loved me in a salvation-different-than-anyone-or-anything-else way.  (As scripture uses it, it goes beyond the simple knowledge of.  God was more than cognitively aware of me.  He chose me.)

He did not look down the corridor of time and then decide to choose me.  He chose me not based on merrit, not based on any love for Him that I could have, not based on how little or big I would sin in my life, not based on my personality or giftedness, not based on my intelligence (or lack thereof).  He came/foreloved/chose/adopted/changed/regenerated me because it, quite simply, brings Him glory.  Oh praise the one who despite myself, regenerated my heart so that now I can love Him because He first loved me.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support even in reading this.  I hope and pray that you would grow in the Gospel and your affections would be stirred towards Him.


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2 comments on “September 2010 Newsletter
  1. Josh Lee says:

    I always enjoy reading your blog entries. I will commit partnering in prayer for you and all your prayer request! Love you brother

  2. Mom says:

    Once again, you show your devotion for Christ, your desire to following Him with everything you have, and your desire to help others do the same.
    Keep it up and stay strong. Satan lurks and waits to devour you. Run the race well and finish strong.

    Love you so much and so proud of you.

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