The Stirring

Stirring affection for the soul.

Throughout my time in high school, God turned into something that I had on my to do list.  He had been consigned to something that I simply needed to accomplish.  Reading scripture was done as fast as possible.  Prayer was few and far between, unless I wanted to impress someone.  Fasting, non-existent.  Silence and solitude always included my ipod (which had the opposite of the desired effect).

Jesus had turned into a guy that I needed only when 1) I did something terrible and 2) when I wanted fire insurance.  He was as useful to me as a disposable razor.  When He gave me salvation, I got what I wanted so then the transaction was complete.

As a result of this callous and grotesque view of the Gospel and the cross, my affections for Christ virtually disappeared.  Realistically, the only reason I was still a Christian was because I wanted to avoid hell and, lets face it, Christian girls are pretty cute.  Sure I would get into the singing, raise my hands, and close my eyes, but my heart was still unaffected.

It was not until God really grabbed me the summer before my freshman year in college that I actually started to care.  That summer, a guy who I deeply admire (Nick Stapleton) talked with me one night about God’s sovereign election.  Explaining that I was totally dead in my sins and I in no way could choose God, He decided to choose me.  Not in a random lottery way but in an eternal love Gospel driven way.  I give Nick a lot of credit because when I heard that message I became a blubbering fool.  I just started weeping.

I wept because it all made sense.  I finally understood why I did not naturally love Jesus.  I was wicked.  I was faced with my sin and God pressed true repentance on my soul.  The weight and might of spiritual truths were evident.  God hit me like a ton of bricks.

So from that night on, I have desperately been trying to figure out what the Christian walk is: the reason being because I always try to earn my own righteousness.   It becomes a list of things I don’t do.  This not only makes Jesus look so unappealing, but it also robs or diminishes our affections for Him.

So that is what the title is all about.  There is a miraculous truth and life giving message made possible by Jesus Christ.  My heart should always be stirred toward a worshipful response when I hear of the love and sacrifice of Jesus.  So my aim is to  stir our affections toward Jesus together.  As a group of Christians, lets participate in the Gospel together.  Lets do things together that help to stir our souls toward Jesus and the Gospel.

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3 comments on “The Stirring
  1. Josh Lee says:

    Powerful! I need this encouragment and reminder. So many days I find myself returning to the description of yourself before your freshmen year. But I praise God for men like you who can remind men like me of these simple but profound truths!

    love ya and miss u!

  2. Derek Hiebert says:

    Thanks for your words, brother. God is so gracious and glorious to pursue us, save us and change us by his grace in his Son. Your passion for the gospel is a great encouragement.

    Praying for you.

  3. […] so I readily admitted in the stirring that I loved the church when I was younger because I thought that Christian girls were hot, camp […]

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