Speaking at CHBC

It is officially week 3 here at Covenant Harbor. This week is family camp which means that I have a little more time to reflect and give an update!
First, thank you so much for those of you who have been honestly praying for me. I was extremely nervous about speaking out of Ephesians 2:1-3 and teaching everyone that they were wicked from birth. I felt as if I went swimming with cinder blocks tied to my legs. Basically I felt that I was in over my head and I did not feel ready to unpack the scriptures for 200 middle schoolers. However (I love it when Christians get to say that when talking about a dire situation and then contrasting it to the faithfulness of God!), God worked.
Week 1, I spoke and I got many encouragement notes from the counseling staff about how the kids got it and the message inspired good discussion. It was a huge encouragement to me and the perceived call on my life to preach the Gospel. I thank the staff for all the encouragement.
Well, I thought that I was done after that Monday night. The program staff, however, asked me to teach every single week. So I accepted because I see God moving in me as I worshipfully teach the scriptures.
Week 2 rolls around and for some reason I was so not confident in the message. I felt I did not go well and the kids totally missed it. (God may have been revealing to me my own idolatry in whether or not my message got through to the kids.) But a couple days later I heard stories of campers who actually dwelled on their own sin. Again God worked!
I don’t teach this week but I teach weeks 4,5,6,7 and maybe 9 (I have week 8 off). There is still many more time for me to teach. It seems that I am learning more about sin and the nature and character of God than the kids who iget to teach! It is awesome!

A couple thing to pray for:
1) there had been an immense amount of spiritual warfare so please pray that the demonic would not have a foothold here.
2) please pray that I do not put teaching or any aspect of it as an idol. My tendency is to get prideful in either praising myself too much or dogging myself too much. I need to remember that it is God who saves. It is not my message but His!
3) that God would flow through me. Teaching on top of being a camp counselor is rough. It is draining because I do not get to refine the message because I start at 730 and go go go until 11. It is simply exhausting and all too easy to not have grace on campers or other staff. So please pray foe my spiritual walk. Pray that I would be revitalized in the few precious moments I get with the Lord and that I would be filled with the Spirit.

Thank you all so much! I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate you and your prayers. It is extremely encouraging for me.

In closing: take some time to dwell upon God’s faithfulness to those who don’t deserve it. That though we were haters of God, Christ willingly allowed sinful men to murder Him causing separation in the Trinity never before felt in eternity.

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4 comments on “Speaking at CHBC
  1. Danica says:

    sounds like things are going well and God is doing great things. It’s good to hear about the opportunities He’s giving you. Praying for you and those kids!

  2. Jim says:

    5 more weeks of teaching!! What a gift. For me, that would be 10 weeks of meditating and 10 weeks of listening before I’d have anything to say. I guess you and God will have to do some “compressed” communicating.

    You continue to be an encouragement Chris! Stay in the vine…let the rivers flow. Don’t make anything up.

  3. Josh Lee says:

    It was encouraging to read about how God is using you and I must say you are even improving in your communication through written thoughts. Well articulated and structured! I am of course praying for you and so excited for how God is using you. How do I say…… um…. “I told you so.” haha Give me a call or shoot me a text sometime. I grealty miss you bro!

  4. Caleb says:

    Praying for you bro! I hope to come see you pretty soon, since you never call/write/text/email/tweet me.

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