June 19 Update: Teaching Soon

I promise that I will not be continually emailing you so frequently. However, I have an update.
Thank you very much for your prayers!  The staff this year is looking fantastic and things are looking great. We just finished our week and a half of staff training. The unity has been fantastic. Were bonding quite well and getting pumped to minister to over 200 new kids starting tomorrow.

Today most of the staff took a much deserved day off to relax and recuperate for campers that come tomorrow. However there was still quite a bit to do as far as work projects and writing curriculum for the program staff and those who volunteered to help out so CHBC looks great for campers.
So please be praying for our program staff. They have not had a day off in the last 3 weeks (literally) as they continually have been working their fingers to the bone. Pray the God would be their source of strength and that he would rebuke the sickness that has been plaguing them.

Also please pray for me. The prayer requests that I posted last time is still very much needed but I have one more to add. Yesterday, I was asked if I would like to teach and preach to the large group on Monday. At first I said no way. However the program director came back to me and said that she literally has no one else. So I relented.
Today, I have been sitting in Caribou all day preparing a message for 200+ 4th and 5th graders on sin. I am really wiped and but this is the only time I will have to prepare this message. It is coming slow but I am praying that God will shine through. So please pray that God would speak to me. This is the largest and youngest group that I would have talked to. Pray that Jesus shines trough. Pray that I do not preach moralism. Please pray that they would get it. Please pray the the Spirit would move move mightily.

I know that if this is left to my own power I will wreck it all.
Your prayers are deeply appreciated and I am honored to partner with you for the kingdom.

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