Welcome and Purpose

If this is the first time you are visiting my blog from the email I sent you or from another means of communication, welcome!  This is my blog.

Originally, I was extremely hesitant to creating a blog.  I did not want to be that guy who posted all of his feelings and insignificant rants on a public site. Or that guy who just wished to belittle the church.

So in an effort to not be that guy, I simply abstained from it all together.  So then why start bogging?

I have decided to start blogging because of two reasons. 1) I am trying to build a support team as I enter the ministry and 2) it is another way to preach the redemptive Gospel of Jesus Christ. John Piper was also pretty convincing in his blog post “6 Reasons pastors Should Blog” (You can find a link to the site here at desiringgod.org.) I know that I am not a pastor but I soon hope to be.

My vision for this blog is not for me to simply dialogue with myself.  My vision is for it to be a tool for people.  I titled it ‘stirring affection of the soul’ because I desire to see people’s affections stirred towards Jesus as a result of future posts.

So I encourage you to take the plunge with me.  As I post new blogs, interact and give feedback.  Help shape me as a man of God through both your comments and your prayers.  Thank you for reading this.

More posts to come…

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I am fighting to believe.
My fight is the fight to believe. I also fight to rest and have joy in my God.
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